Friday, 4 September 2015

[USA / Mystery Babylon / Blasphemy / Dawa, chaff and other stereotypical muslim baggage] Followers of the false prophet of islam launch Islam Today series to deflect attention from islamic evils

Muslim groups launch Islam Today series to overcome religious stereotypes

September 3, 2015
By Paradise Afshar
Randall Kaufman wants his students at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus to understand what he calls a simple equation: God equals Allah.

He says that when people don’t get that equation, it can breed ignorance and fear. ...
More equating the evil god of islam with the Biblical Father, Son and Holy Spirit at the Miami Herald 'education' section

[Kashmir / Misunderstanding of islam (which means peace) spreads] Hijackers of islam in Srinagar’s Pulwama ask locals to live life the islamic way - in bondage and submission to the evil religion

Posters in Srinagar’s Pulwama ask locals to live life the Islamic way

By: PTI | Srinagar | Published:September 4, 2015
... “The people are advised to desist from wrong doing and try to live their lives in accordance with the Islamic teachings and strive for the supremacy of the religion,” the posters read. ...
More hijacking and tarnishing of the easily misunderstood and often hijacked evil religion at The Indian Express

[UK Swamp News / Islamophilia / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Men in Dresses] Corbyn caught on camera calling Islamic fanatic a 'very good friend' whom he knows 'extremely well'

Corbyn caught on camera calling Islamic fanatic a 'very good friend' whom he knows 'extremely well'

By Jake Wallis Simons For Mailonline
4 September 2015
... The MP has also defended his links to Raed Salah, a preacher convicted in a Jerusalem court in 2008 of using the ‘blood libel’, an anti-Semitic slur.

When he was detained in Britain, Corbyn called him a ‘very honoured citizen’, and said earlier this month: ‘I met him, we had a long conversation about multi-faith objectives including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.’ ...
More islamophilia at MailOnline

# 'Fanatic', or simply a follower of the false prophet of islam?

[YouTube / USA / Dawa / Deception / Islamophonia and other chaff and victim baggage] COSMOS - Coalition Of South Florida Muslim Organizations 2012

# cosmosfl

[USA / Eating while muslim] ACLU, CAIR Sue Florida for Denying Halal Meals to Followers of the False Prophet Populating the Prison System

ACLU, CAIR Sue Florida for Denying Islamic Meals to Muslim Prisoners

by Jordan Schachtel
3 Sep 2015
... CAIR Florida’s Thania Diaz added: “The law is clear. The right to practice your religion without government interference is a fundamental right guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”
More CAIR halal whine and cheese at Breitbart

[UK Swamp News / Mystery of Iniquity] National Union of Students supports evil, blasphemous islam

National Union of Students challenges ‘racist’ counter-radicalization strategy

3 Sep, 2015
... The government’s “racist” Prevent strategy will worsen Islamophobia in educational institutes, NUS Welfare Vice-President Shelly Asquith told the Mancunion.

“With the focus on preventing what the government terms ‘Islamic extremism’, the prospect of racial profiling and state-sponsored Islamophobia is all the worse: Black and Muslim students are bearing the brunt of a reactionary, racist agenda while freedom of speech across the board is curtailed,” she said. ...
More chaff in support of the evil religion at RT

[YouTube / Islamophonia / Hedjabbery / Unopened Diet Coke] Followers of the false prophet made victorious through terror fight 'fear' of evil islam with humor on social media

[YouTube / Terror Australis / Islamophonia / False Prophet / Blasphemy] Islamophobia Forum | Talk Seven | Wassim Razvi

# Islamophobia Forum

# Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves - Matthew 7:15

[YouTube / Followers of the false prophet made victorious through terror partake of more halal whine and cheese] CAIR-FL Calls New Assault Weapon Inscribed with Bible Verse a ‘Shameful Marketing Ploy’

# CAIRtv

Op-Ed: Germany Replenishes Itself With 6 Million Muslims via @ArutzSheva_En

Op-Ed: Germany Replenishes Itself With 6 Million Muslims via @ArutzSheva_En

Interesting number, that.

Thursday, September 03, 2015
... Over the centuries, you have uprooted a thousand synagogues and replaced them with ten thousand mosques. Wait, now, and see what grows from the soil of Ishmael. Your churches are next.”

That was back in 2003, and we guessed right. ...

[More chaff and baggage about fear of the evil, blasphemous religion and the West's many shortcomings in contrast with sharia perfection] No such thing as islamic terrorism (in spite of the false prophet being made victorious through terror, and allah striking terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' in its evil religion)

No such thing as Islamic terrorism

Sabria S. Jawhar
Thursday 3 September 2015
... Democratic nations need to acknowledge their own role in creating Islamophobia with an uncontrolled media that say and write anything behind the protection of free speech rights, but also completely obliterate any dissenting view that doesn’t fit into their narrative.
The reality is that terrorism has no color, language or religion. ...
More chaff in support of the evil religion at Arab News

Thursday, 3 September 2015

[UK Swamp News / Northern Ireland / Evil, antichrist islam] Pastor McConnell said: "I will stand firm for the gospel. I will not relent one inch."

'Satanic Islam' preacher James McConnell hopes prosecution may be thrown out

Lawyers for a firebrand preacher who branded Islam "satanic" and "heathen" hopes to have his prosecution thrown out of court. ...
Story at Belfast Telegraph

But though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed - Galatians 1:8

'Scores of people' ready to back firebrand preacher after sermon on 'satanic' Islam

[The message of islam is evil, antichrist and blasphemous, whether 'reclaimed' on billboards or taken straight from the koran] US followers of the false prophet hope new billboards reclaim islam's evil message

US Muslims hope new billboards reclaim Islam's message

# Who in their right mind would want to reclaim these blasphemies?

[4.157] And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Marium, the apostle of Allah; and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like Isa) and most surely those who differ therein are only in a doubt about it; they have no knowledge respecting it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not for sure.

[4.171] O followers of the Book! do not exceed the limits in your religion, and do not speak (lies) against Allah, but (speak) the truth; the Messiah, Isa son of Marium is only an apostle of Allah and His Word which He communicated to Marium and a spirit from Him; believe therefore in Allah and His apostles, and say not, Three. Desist, it is better for you; Allah is only one God; far be It from His glory that He should have a son, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His, and Allah is sufficient for a Protector.

Flee from islam - run for your life!

[Burden of Damascus / Netherlands] Dutch sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion -gov't.

Dutch sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion -gov't.
AMSTERDAM, Sept 3 (Reuters) - A 26-year-old Dutch air force sergeant is believed to have travelled to Syria to join Islamic State insurgents, the Netherlands' defence ministry said on Thursday. ...
More on the Dutch hijacker and tarnisher of evil islam at Mail Online

EU faces migrant crisis of 'biblical proportions' as Germany registers 3,500 new refugees in just one day - as it happened on Tuesday September 1

The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap - Isaiah 17:1

But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run back and forth, and knowledge shall be increased - Daniel 12:4

The Fantasy Islam of Mike Mohamed Ghouse | Frontpage Mag

The Fantasy Islam of Mike Mohamed Ghouse | Frontpage Mag

September 3, 2015
Dr. Stephen M. Kirby
Fantasy Islam: A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts that Islam was a “Religion of Peace,” and a Muslim strives to fulfill that wish by presenting a personal version of Islam that has little foundation in Islamic doctrine. ...