Sunday, 27 May 2018

[USA / Islamophonia: The fake god still needs help from Trump's tweets to trigger fear of its evil, terror-casting religion - shooting, stabbing, bombing and driving while muslim isn't enough] Anti-muslim 'hate crimes' spiked after Trump's tweets fearful of the doomed religion - the terror-castings and mass-Kuffarcides didn't cause an uptick, apparently - allah will have to try harder, or be redundant

Anti-Muslim hate crimes spiked after Trump's Islamophobic tweets

By Jason Lemon
... A study, recently published by researchers at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, revealed that Trump's anti-Muslim tweets were a reliable predictor of the level of attacks against Muslims during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, and onward into the first few months following his election. ...
More on the fake god's apparently increasing redundancy as a caster of terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' - and subsequently an unreliable predictor of attacks (mean tweets?) against its unfortunate followers at Step FEED

Saturday, 26 May 2018

[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Beware of false prophets and promises of virgins in paradise] Brother Waheed's piece of advice to all Muslim - English subtitles (Music Beauty)

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[YouTube / Photophobia: More tips for living in submission to the fake god of islam, and the false prophet thereof] Islamicize Me Day 10: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Lashes! (Acts17Apologetics)

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UN tripe[Groundhog Day / Islamokillia / Victims] UN: French anti-terror laws risk margarinizing the fake god's followers, as the power bill for lighting up landmarks after islamic terror attacks shows an uptick, and supplies of teddies, candles, flowers, pencils, hashtags and other post-terror paraphernalia run low

UN: French anti-terror laws risk marginalizing Muslims

By Fatih Erel
... "These laws may disproportionately affect, stigmatize and further marginalize citizens of the Muslim faith," said Fionnuala Ni Aolain, UN's special rapporteur on the protection of human rights while countering terrorism.

In a statement, she called the French government to devise an independent body to "oversee counter-terrorism and exceptional national security powers in the country". ...
More calls for submission following an exhaustive nine-day visit which could have reached the same 'conclusion' by simply reading earlier tripe about responses to islamic terror in other countries at AA

[Europe / Feet of Iron and Clay / Islamophonia] Followers of the fake god in Italy: First time under the Crescent Star - thanks to Turkey - all smiles, but brought their 'islamophobia' baggage with them

Muslims in Italy: First time under the Crescent Star

... Indeed, the Muslim community feels isolated and alienated in Italy, above all across Europe, due to the rising Islamophobia and xenophobia. At a time when their angst grows day-by-day, Arab countries seem to let them down. Turkey's initiatives, in this respect, may pay dividends if they are carried out on a consistent basis. ...
More on those who do not cohere in Italy - or just about anywhere not yet conquered by the fake god's religion - with the usual 'islamophobia' tales at Daily Sabah

[YouTube / Beast 666 / Jerusalem / Jesus Saviour / Daniel / Revelation] What is the abomination of desolation? (John Ankerberg Show)

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[Once-Great Britain / Great Falling Away: Walking along the broad 'shared path' that leads to destruction, instead of the narrow path that leads to salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ] Christians and Muslims walking 'shoulder to shoulder,' imam tells Church of Scotland Assembly - in yet another variation of the 'christians and muslims worship the same god' deception

Christians and Muslims walking 'shoulder to shoulder,' imam tells Church of Scotland Assembly

Peter Kenny |Friday, May 25 2018
... The iman told the General Assembly that religious people ultimately "believe in the same reality."

"An absolute being is found in all of us, we are the image of God," he said. "We represent different shades of the creator." ...
More on the 'different shades' - one of which gave His only begotten Son to be crucified for our sins and subsequently resurrected to eternal life - and the other of which denied the deity, son-ship and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, thus denying its followers the free gift of salvation and eternal life - at Ecumenical News

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

[YouTube / Israel / Jerusalem - Cup of Trembling - Burdensome Stone] Kevin's Korner - Embassy Uproar (Prophecy in the News)

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[YouTube / Ramadan: More trademark SCAIRmongering about 'anti-muslim incidents' during an unholy month characterized by islamic terror, bombings, shootings and stabbings in the name of the fake god] CAIR’s 2nd Live Facebook Telethon, Tuesday, May 29, at 6 p.m. (EDT) - CAIRtv

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The Religion of Peace

Ramadan Bombathon

# 'Bombathon, Bombathon, get right behind Bombathon'

[Groundhog Day: Another victim tale about the fake god's unfortunate followers] 'We always feel that we have to prove ourselves' - Welsh followers of the fake god and false prophet on the 'impact' of fear of islam - not the 'impact' of exploding bombs, bullets, knives, vehicles and similar methods of casting terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' in its blasphemous, antichrist religion

'We always feel that we have to prove ourselves' - Welsh Muslims on the impact of Islamophobia

25 May 2018
The impact of Islamophobia on the streets of Wales could be felt for decades to come, the Muslim Council of Wales has warned. ...
More on the 'impact' of fear of islam on the streets of Wales - but not the impact of vehicles and other objects used to cast terror in the name of the fake god - at ITV

[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Daniel / Revelation / Lord of Lords / King of Kings / Mystery of Godliness] Truthdebate] Daniel's 70 Weeks Key to the understanding the future Part 1C (Truthdebate)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka: Another 'free speech' arrest - part and parcel of life in Britain as it falls under the sway of the fake god and false prophet of islam] Tommy Robinson arrested (25-05-2018) - crosseyedone

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# Fahrenheit211:

Tommy Robinson arrested

[YouTube / True face of islam] What IRAQI Muslims did to their Christians and Jews neighbors - English subtitles (Music Beauty)

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Friday, 25 May 2018

[YouTube / Pop Goes the Weasel Word: Debunking the tale of 'no compulsion in religion'] Brother Wheed : Islam's lies regarding the verse '' No compulsion in religion - English subtitles (Music Beauty)

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[Step FEED accuses Charlie Hebdo of being fearful of allah's evil, Kuffarcidal religion, three years after 12 Hebdo workers were killed by the fake god's followers triggered by cartoons of the false prophet Mohammed, or something] French magazine Charlie Hebdo portrays student in a hedjab as a minkey

French magazine Charlie Hebdo portrays hijabi student 'as a monkey'

By Leyal Khalife Executive Editor
... French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo - which has previously sparked controversy over its anti-Islam cartoons - released a vile cartoon in light of the hate, in which it depicted the 19-year-old as a monkey. ...
More controversy-sparking at Step FEED

# Hebdo, sparking controversy in 2015, along with Je Suis Charlie hashtags, teddies, flowers, candles and buildings lit up in Red, White and Bleu:

These Are The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons That Terrorists Thought Were Worth Killing Over

(Pencils, aussi)

# 'Savage AF' depiction of hedjab-wearer as ... Pepe the frog?

8 times people savagely spoke out on hijab experiences and choices

"How can someone ask if I wear hijab in front of my cat?"

# Savage. :)